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Looking for Health in all the wrong places

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

What is health? And REALLY ask yourself this question. Is health to you eating a specific way? Is it going to the gym, going on a run or taking a yoga class? Maybe health is doing some meditation routines to start your day or reading an inspirational quote before bed.

Whatever you answered, health is important. Health is more than you think. And so many people underestimate or overestimate health on a daily basis. But, it is important to understand how health plays a role in your life.

For me, health is the beautiful reminder to feel well, look well and help people be well. I realize many might say that sounds like what a doctor might say, but doctor or not, I think everyone can agree that health is important. Because when your health is poor, you do not feel well or look well. However, it is equally as important to stress that over analyzing health can be unhealthy. For instance, limiting calories so much so that you cannot sleep, focus or enjoy food is NOT healthy. There are benefits of "dieting", but instead of labeling something, make it a part of your life by saying your "diet" IS your healthy lifestyle. That way, you know it's not a fad and that it is more important to you than just a temporary fix for something that needs more attention.

So on these notes, I stress the importance of balance. Balance in your diet, balance in your exercise and balance in your work/school load. And that's just to name a few. Balancing is tough, and I wish I had the ONE secret to balancing health in such a way that it is an easy an enjoyable process. But at times, being "healthy" might be uncomfortable. Going to the gym for the first time or making salads for lunch instead of eating mac n' cheese (although it's all about balance.. right?), might seem crazy. But the bottom line of health is TRYING. The truth is, you probably KNOW how to balance your life and support your health, but you might have temporarily forgotten about your health or need some motivation. Although living a healthful life can be challenging, it's important to stay open-minded and enjoy the journey. It will be worth it in the end.

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