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How to Start 2020 Healthier And Easier

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Ok, we all really know how frustrating the "new year, new me" statement can be, but it does carry some truth to it. All of the "I'll get to it sometime" or "when I have ____", now become bigger priorities. But with a laundry list of things to do, where should you start? Perhaps a better question is: how should I start ? I've really thought about this more than just a simple resolution list, it's a year-long incentive to stick to your new goals and habits. So, here are 3 easy ways to not only transform your health, but multiple areas of your life in general:

1. Organize

When I say organize, I don't just mean spring cleaning. Organization can be especially tough if time is scarce or there are little ones to juggle, but that's the good news. Do not (and I MEAN DO NOT) stress, but instead (as my mother would say), make a list! I probably do get it from my parents, but list-making is what saves the day and helps bring my life clarity of what needs to get done. I have both a written planner and note section on my phone dedicated to work-related and home-related endeavors. This helps me profusely for time crunches when I only have a little time to spare but I still want to be productive. I start this list by separating it into categories such as: Home Projects, Website Design/Kaged Muscle, Things to Fix/Organize, etc... Then, after I finish, I cross my projects off of my list. Now in reality, list making can be hard but start with the things that may not seem to demanding (unless they need to be taken off quickly) and then slowly progress to bigger challenges that may require more time and effort. For example, I would start off with "organize vitamin/supplement cabinets" and then eventually move into "organize closets/take clothes to Goodwill". This helps me prioritize and not bite off more than I can chew. When you start making lists and taking on little "back of the head" projects, your life really feels fresher. For me, this process of re-organizing usually takes 1-2 months of consistent list following. But come summer, everything is clean and re-done and I can enjoy a nice break and work on more creative endeavors.

2. Start Slow and Steady at Working Out

With anything new, it is advised to not only start slowly, but do your research. So you want to workout more and clean up your diet by adding in more fruits and veggies or try out the new ketogenic diet everyone's been raving about. That's totally cool, but don't forget that Dr. Google is a great personal researcher for important resources. A lof of amazing articles on working out and healthful eating can be found on and too. I started my health and fitness journey primarily with P90x, but also with the help of Kris Gethin's free workout guides which are now all on YouTube and With help by people who have spent so much energy on living a healthier lifestyle, it is way easier to make better informed choices regarding health. I also really love all the articles that are found on,, and They're medical professionals who take health to another level beyond just the gym. These tools will not only provide you with ample knowledge, but confidence as well. There were days in the gym when I needed Kris Gethin and I didn't know he made videos that showed how to properly activate triceps. Or days when Dr. Brighten's BALANCE supplement could have really helped bridge the gap of getting off hormonal birth control. But I finally found them, and I'm here to tell you, start your health journey on a good footing, with a non-shaming mindset so that you can be proud of all of your accomplishments. Then, encourage yourself more and more to make healthier changes to help all areas of your life!!

3. Activate Those Creative Muscles

Take it from me, the crazy art teacher, being creative is vital for balance and even fun. Now before you go out and buy an easel, being creative can be a lot easier than you'd realize. Do not feel compelled to break the bank or spend too much time drawing the nearest plant (but feel free to try your hand at observational sketching, I love it). If you're like me however and really love being creative, then try your hand at creative journalling. No matter your background, it can be a great way to write, draw, organize and reflect on your day. This is especially fun to do with a loved one as you can share a journal and have fun writing each other personalized notes. Another way to be creative is to try your hand at something new or revisit a creative hobby from the past. Maybe it's taking a cooking class or learning to do cross hatching as a form of shading. Also, let's not forget our good ole' buddy Mr. Music. I LOVE playing the drums, singing and writing my own songs. It's totally a form of therapy and solace for me. But if this seems like a chore to you, just add creative time to the schedule when it feels right.

Hope those tips help you have a smooth and healthy start to your 2020!!! :)

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